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Getting started

We’re delighted that you’ve decided to tackle your business navigation needs with LUY.

LUY is a powerful business navigation suite that enables your company to make better business decisions collaboratively. LUY displays complexity in your company’s business environment in a clear and simple way. It has been built and developed upon our longstanding experience from more than 120 successful EAM projects across different industries.


  • provides the foundation for sustainable data actuality and quality

  • ensures consistency while changes are collaboratively made

  • interconnects data

  • composes up-to-date visualizations at the flick of a switch

Business navigation with LUY

LUY is the digital compass for your business. It tells you where you are at the touch of a button and navigates you effectively and safely to your goal.

Thanks to its straightforward handling, LUY enables collaboration among all divisions of your company, allowing you to tap undetected potential and harness digital innovation.

Collect all your data in one single place. LUY takes in all information relevant to the company, including but not exclusive to processes and IT systems, up to the question: which maintenance agreement expires at what date, which data is processed where and how, which projects are currently running and how they are interconnected.

Every bit of information can be interconnected and, thus, is brought into context. This results in a comprehensive overview of data and provides you with the option to analyze which processes are supported by which IT systems, which data is processed thereby, and much more - everything at the touch of a button.

LUY offers a variety of interactive visualizations to support you in your decision making. Simple visualizations may become increasingly complex in detail, but they always stay up to date. Every time new information is added, the corresponding diagram or table view is automatically updated.

LUY helps you make the right decisions clearly, quickly, and securely.

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