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LUY 7.2.2

May 2021

The version LUY 7.2.1 is a service release, in which we fixed some bugs in version 7.2.0 to further enhance the LUY experience for you.

What we fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where multi mode might lead to endless loading when subscribing to elements or building blocks.

  • Fixed the server time in the docker for script execution (now UTC).

  • Fixed an issue with applying the data filter option "without" in nested layer, nested cluster and hotspot diagrams.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes, technical metamodel names were displayed in the UI.

  • Fixed an issue with the Excel export/import that might appear when changing the user's application language settings.

  • Fixed an issue where a large number of incoming in-app notifications could impact the performance of LUY for specific users.

  • Fixed an issue with saving the filtering option "with ascendants" or "with descendants" in reports.

  • Fixed an issue where for numeric attributes, cleared lower/upper bounds were not permanently saved.

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