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Modification could not be saved


When editing data, an error message is displayed: The modification could not be saved. There might be some additional information like

  • The element could not be found or the format is wrong.

  • The attribute could not be found. It might have been deleted.


When LUY is used concurrently by multiple users - or by one user via multiple browser windows - problems can arise if edits are not compatible with each other.

There are several possible reasons for what might have happened in the timespan between the page in LUY was opened and the data edit has been submitted. 

  • The data element itself has been deleted.

  • Attributes have been modified.

  • Related elements have been deleted.

  • Permissions for viewing or editing data might have changed.

  • Attribute group settings might have been altered.

A lot of data edits are automatically promoted to all open LUY sessions, but not all of them. By reloading the LUY page in your browser (press F5) you can always get the current state of the data.

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