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Adjusting the meta model

The LUY meta model sets the structure behind all building block data. Every building block belongs to a building block type (e.g., "product" or "information system"), and every building block type can have self-relations to building blocks of the same type (e.g., "products" can have "subordinate products"), as well as relations to other building block types (e.g., "products" can have "affected projects" assigned).

LUY comes with a default best practice meta model which is based on our experience of working in the industry for many years. But we also know: Organizations have a unique way of naming things and it is important to continue to use the language that is already used within the company. This is why the meta model administration allows you to fully customize the naming of all building block types, self-relations and relations. It also allows you to disable every building block type that you do not intend to use in your LUY at the moment.

Building block types

This section allows excluding and including specific building block types for the whole application. If a certain building block type is present it will be flagged with a checkmark.

Clicking on the tile will exclude it from the LUY data model. The tile will be marked with an X.

Already existing data pertaining to an excluded building block type will be kept and will be available again as soon as the type is re-included.

Naming building block types

The name of all building block types and their relations may be changed. Clicking on a building block tile brings up a dialog with all naming options for this building block and its relations. On the bottom left corner there is a button to reset all names to their default.

After editing several names, the changes are applied all at once by clicking the "save all" button.

All users will be logged out of LUY for the naming changes to be applied.

With the "discard" button all locally saved changes will be canceled.

The abbreviations of building block types should be unique. Otherwise, the abbreviations of relations might also be duplicated and LUY might not be able to identify the correct relations.

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