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Start page

The LUY start page serves as a central overview of your most important data. It allows for a quick access of elements, surveys, and reports that you have subscribed to, or report groups according to tagged labels.
The start page is composed of separate cards in a dashboard layout:

The LUY start page can contain some or all of the following fixed-size cards:


The “welcome” card displays information for all users within your company at the very top of your start page. This card is only shown if the option “Announcement card” is activated in the start page configuration.


“To-dos” list all open surveys that have been sent out to the user. Each entry shows a time indication on how long ago the survey was created.

My subscribed elements

“My subscribed elements” lists every subscribed element. A time indicator shows when the element has last been modified.

My subscribed reports

“My subscribed reports” lists all subscribed reports. The icon indicates the type of report, e.g., list report, landscape diagram, custom dashboard.

Customizable report groups

“Custom report groups” are displayed on the start page as well. They carry their custom title, description, and reports selection. Custom report groups can be configured in the start page configuration.

Fulltext search

The full-text search on the "start" tab retrieves data from building blocks and relations. Names, descriptions, comments, and all attribute values are searchable. The results are ranked in order of relevance, calculated by the underlying search engine. 

The result list contains “names” for each found element leading to the single element view.
The "found in" column can contain multiple records if the search term has been found in multiple properties of a building block. The property name and value are displayed, and the search term is highlighted.

The full text search is case insensitive.

Using OR and AND

It is possible to extend the search functionality by using the “OR” or “AND” operators.

A minimum of three letters is required to run the search.

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