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LUY 7.3.4

August 2022

The version LUY 7.3.4 is a service release, in which we focused on fixing reported issues and bugs.

We fixed:

  • Drastically improved the user login time

  • Fixed an issue with coloring in diagrams where business mapping filtering was being ignored

  • Fixed an issue where wrong entries are shown in the global filter, and it was not saved correctly

  • Fixed an issue in the masterplan diagram where the start/end date would be displayed at random with no fixed start/end date

  • Fixed an issue in the masterplan diagram where date intervals were not always shown in-line

  • Fixed an issue in the single element view where the information flow section was not visible for users with read only permission(s)

  • Fixed an issue where the copy logs button did not work for large logs in the PluginAPI

  • Fixed an issue with the History API where a call to GET /history/{type}/{id} was not returned correctly

  • Improved the overall German translation in the UI

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