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Upgrade with Docker setup

Verify system requirements

This guide provides instructions to upgrade LUY from release 7.2 to release 7.3. Please note that this guide is only applicable to these versions of LUY. For prior versions, please follow the appropriate LUY upgrade guides to upgrade to the version LUY 7.2 first.

Before starting with the upgrade, please verify that you have the required software packages installed and upgraded to the required version. See here for details: Installation prerequisites.


The upgrade steps need only be carried out once. However, they must be repeated for every installed instance of LUY (if applicable). The upgrade process is not intended to be reversible, i.e., after performing the upgrade there is no standard way to revert to the previously installed version of LUY. For that reason, we strongly recommend creating a complete backup of your entire LUY database and the application files.

The provided Docker compose file mounts some data directories from outside the Docker container, e.g., for the Graphics Reactor. Should you have changed this, please make sure that the LUY data directories are backed up and not deleted with the container.

It is NOT recommended using the docker compose file from the previous LUY version. This can result in unexpected side effects if parameters were added or removed.

To help you carry out the upgrade, the following checklist might prove useful:






Backup database(s)

MYSQL: mysqldump; Oracle: exp or expdb; MSSQL: BAK or BACKPAC

Backup Docker configuration files

Check for data directories inside the Docker container and save a backup of them.

Per default, data directories are mounted from outside the Docker container.

Verify system and software requirements and upgrade if necessary.

See online documentation for details.





Stop and remove the LUY Docker container

It's recommended to remove the existing container using
the docker rm command.

Configure LUY 7.3

Transfer custom settings from the old docker compose file. If LDAP or SAML2 is used for authentication, copy
If SAML2 is used for authentication, copy the security directory.

Applies only for LUY 7.3.4

The authentication property has been changed, please modify it accordingly:

The old authentication property:

# Authentication/authorization type. Can be one of "iturm", "ldap", "sso" or "saml". Defaults to iturm.

  • AUTH=iturm

And the new authentication property:

 # Authentication/authorization type. Can be one of "auth-basic", "auth-ldap", "auth-saml", "auth-iis-sso".
# Defaults to auth-basic.


Empty Search Index directory

Check file system permissions

Start LUY 7.3

docker-compose -f luy.yml up -d

Set up




Initialise search index

Administration -> System

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