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Custom dashboard

The custom dashboard is a page which is easy to read and contains diagrams with the latest data. While creating a dashboard instance, choose which saved report is displayed on the dashboard. The custom dashboard supports the XWiki text formatting.

The custom dashboard toolbar contains several sections (1-4) for a better overview:

  1. "Report" section:

    1. Create new report

    2. Switch between editing and read only view

    3. Load existing report

    4. Save report

    5. Subscribe to current report

  2. "Dashboard" section:

    1. Open dialog to insert a saved diagram

  3. "Use for" section:

    1. Download custom dashboard

    2. Share custom dashboard

  4. Input field for XWiki text or to add a saved diagram report

  5. Execute

  6. Preview of custom dashboard

Custom dashboard input field

The custom dashboard input field fully supports the XWiki syntax and will convert the text with XWiki mark-up in the preview container. Additional information on the XWiki syntax can be found here.

Inserting saved diagram

By clicking the “insert” button, the following pop-up dialog opens:

  1. Quick search

  2. Add the saved diagram report to the custom dashboard
    The diagram will be added as a custom tag to text area: <Diagram>UUID</Diagram>

  3. If the user doesn’t have permission for the report, there is no action button

  4. Cancel the insertion of a saved diagram report

The diagram tag is created with a default width of 800. A height value can be added. Please specify width and height values only in single quotes (example: width='600') for proper rendering.

Create custom dashboard

A custom dashboard will be created when “execute” button is pressed. The result will be shown in the preview below.

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