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System settings

On the “administration” and “system” tab, you find the option to configure the system settings of LUY.


If data historization is enabled, all changes made to a building block will be recorded and can be viewed in the tab "history" in the building block view or in the building block history of the table view.

When data historization is turned off, all previously recorded history entries are kept and displayed as soon as data historization is enabled again.

Display the author in building block history

If disabled, the author of an edit will no longer be shown in the building block history and in the exported history file. But the author will still be recorded and shown in the building block view.

Comment feature

If the comment feature is enabled, you can leave comments on the building block view. Comments will also appear in search results.

Comments are not recorded in the historization.

Anonymous access

To enable anonymous access, a user has to be selected. This user must have been logged in at least once in LUY before it can be used for the anonymous access. Anyone accessing LUY is automatically logged in as this chosen user with corresponding user permissions.

When anonymous access enabled, all LUY data might be visible or even editable for the public. Use this feature with caution.

To disable anonymous access, select the option "no anonymous access".

Full-text search

The full-text search indexes should be recreated, if problems occur when searching for data, if data has been modified directly in the database, or after a mayor version update of LUY.

Internal cache

The internal cache should be emptied when data has been modified directly in the database.

System info

The system info report contains information about the system on which LUY is running, like Java, DBMS and Tomcat versions, as well as RAM and usage for the server. A snippet of the LUY logs is also included, which can help system administrators or the LUY customer support for further troubleshooting. When a report is created, the result is downloaded as a zip file.


Enter new license keys for LUY here. The details of the currently active license key are displayed, such as licensee and expiry date.

Login information and cookie notification

Additional information can be displayed on the login page. Add your text in the input field. 
You can use wiki syntax inside login information editor. See here: Wiki syntax.

You can, for example, display information about a planned system downtime or an important message before a user logs in.

If the option "show cookie notification" is enabled, users will be notified about cookie usage with an info banner on the bottom of the Login page.

Data transfer

The data transfer feature allows export and import of the entire LUY dataset. This includes data, users, roles and permissions, plugin API scripts and historization. The license and the graphics reactor scripts are not part of the data transfer.

To use this feature, the following conditions must be met:

  • The logged in user must have the luy_Supervisor role assigned.

Please note the following information, if you consider using the data transfer feature:

  • All data of the LUY instance will be completely replaced by the data transfer import.

  • Data transfer only works as intended if the LUY instance from which data was exported is the same version as the instance into which data is imported.

  • During the data transfer import, the LUY instance will be unavailable. All requests will be met with a 503 error page. Depending on database connection and data size, this can take several minutes.

  • After the data transfer import is finished, all users will need to log in again.

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