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Data management

In this part you will learn everything concerning data management in LUY. This includes topics such as:

  • How to enter data into LUY. Whether you decide to do this manually one by one or choose a quicker approach such as bulk import/export of data.

  • How to structure your data, whether you are using the out of the box best practice meta model of LUY or decide to make some changes in this structure.

  • How to change data in LUY; for example, if you would like to update, rename or simply correct data

  • How to enrich data with additional context information such as life cycle information, responsibilities, costs, KPIs etc.

  • How to connect and combine isolated data and thereby make sure you are using LUY for what it is built for: Namely, making sure you get full transparency about the interdependencies in your organization. May it concern certain applications that support certain processes or that bloody server that is old and you have no idea if you could just pull the plug because nobody actually cares.

  • The more data you store in LUY the more important it will become to be able to narrow down the view to what really matters. You will learn how the filter in LUY works. LUY’s filter makes sure you get an easy to digest view into your murky jungle, so you are able to navigate to your goal with ease.

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