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Known issues

LUY 7.4.1

Opening search results in list triggers error

When using the search on the LUY start page, search results will be presented on the page itself. However, displaying them in list view (via clicking on the “show in list” button) will trigger an internal error and reset the search result to show the default start page again.

Reset company logo to LUY logo is not working

In Administration → Customizing, when a custom company logo is uploaded it is not possible to revert to the default LUY logo. Uploading another logo is possible.

Activating the announcement in customizing without content can trigger a start page error

In some cases, activating the announcement in administration > customizing without title or description will break the start page for all users; an error message will be displayed instead.

To solve this issue, make sure to set a text for title and description or - if there is no announcement to show - simply disable the announcement section by setting the toggle to disabled.

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