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New single element view provides a better overview and navigatoin through attributes and relations

October 2023

We have rebuilt the whole single element view in order to provide a consistent and easily navigable overview of an element’s attributes and relations.

A full description of (previous) features can be found here: Single element view.

In this first release you will not yet see all types of relations in the relations tab. E.g., business mappings and some cases of information flow relations are still in development.


Navigate through an element’s attributes and relations quickly

In our new frontend, you will find the element’s overview, attributes, and relations on separate tabs. In the attribute or relations tab, use our navigation side panel on the right side to easily select the section you are interested in.

You can collapse sections you don’t need and thereby create your own unique setup since LUY remembers your configuration for each building block type.

Newly styled attributes

Attribute values, namely enum and responsibility attributes, will now display their set color in the single element view and table view.

Admins can change these colors by deactivating the new frontend and edit the attribute values in the attribute tile in administration (read more here).

Information flows

Information flow elements will now display a clearer overview of connected information systems, the information flow direction, related technical components, and transported business objects as well as their transport direction.

This information flow overview can be found in the overview tab and relations tab of information flow elements.


Be aware that for this first iteration our new frontend does not yet support every feature known to you in our previous LUY solution. These features will follow shortly.

  • For this first release you will not see all types of relations in the relations tab. E.g., business mappings and certain information flow relations are still in development.

  • The single element view is in read only mode for now.

  • The search inside the single element view, subscribing to an element and navigating from an element to a diagram is not yet implemented.

  • Not all attribute types have their final styling (for example, numeric attributes are still missing their unit).

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