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Open and view landscape diagrams in our new frontend

October 2023

Visualize building blocks in a matrix-like structure based on their relations and attributes using the landscape diagram. This visualization allows specifying a building block type to show as content in the center, and then choose relations or attributes for the columns and rows. This way even complex relationships can be displayed in an easy to comprehend visualization.

A full description of this diagram type can be found here: Landscape diagram .

In the current version, the landscape diagram is in read only mode. You are able to open and view reports but can’t edit them yet.

Open diagram

Landscape diagram reports can be opened either via the open diagram overlay or the reports page.

Open diagram overlay

The overlay shows a table of all landscape diagram reports available to you. These are either your own reports or reports which have been shared with you by other users.

In the dialogue you can see additional information like the author of the report as well as the last modified timestamp for each report.

If there is a long list of reports, use the filter option to search for specific reports by name.

There are two ways to open this overlay:

  1. Click on the pie chart diagram tile in diagrams.

  2. When a landscape diagram report is already open, click on the pie chart text in the breadcrumb.

All reports page

It is also possible to open a landscape diagram report via the reports page: Simply click on the name of the report to open it.

Tipp: The reports page allows you to filter not only by name but also by every other attribute of a report. E.g., it is possible to only show landscape diagram reports by filtering for “landscape” or only show reports with certain tags by filtering for the tag name.

Navigate diagram

By clicking and holding your left mouse button you can move the diagram content.

Clicking CTRL while scrolling will zoom in and zoom out.


Be aware that for this first iteration our new frontend does not yet support every feature known to you in our previous LUY solution. These features will follow shortly.

  • It’s not possible to edit a landscape diagram

  • Dark mode and high contrast mode isn’t supported completely

  • Some filters configurations aren’t supported yet (e.g., filters for the version attribute)

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