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Profile & settings

“Profile & settings” shows information for the logged-in user, offers user specific settings and the “personal global filter”.

  1. Profile information, like first name, last name, e-mail and roles

  2. Activate/deactivate screen reader support

  3. Language selection

  4. Reset user settings

  5. Email notification settings


If the toggle “Screen reader support” is enabled, LUY is optimized for use with screen readers.

This may slow down the application and impact the appearance of some pages.


Change the GUI language if no application-wide language is defined.

User settings

The user settings are saved automatically.

Reset user settings

The reset button (4) resets all saved user settings for the current logged-in user.
This means for each diagram type and for each building block list view type the configuration is set to default state.

Email notifications

Settings for email notifications can be activated/deactivated for the logged in user.
When activated:

  • Notifications on changes to subscribed reports are received

  • Notifications on changes to subscribed building blocks are received

  • Notifications on any change to subscribed elements

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