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User management via iTurm (built-in)

iTurm is a straightforward application for managing assignments of roles to users. See also roles and permissions.

To add or edit users, roles and assignments for LUY, you need to log in to iTurm with the credentials received from LUY support. The URL to access iTurm is:

https://<customer name>

Please note that users with the role luy_Supervisor are able to log into LUY as supervisor, too.

Initial credentials to log in with iTurm are:
user: system
pass: password

How to maintain users and roles

As a minimum requirement, you need:

  • The same role in both applications (LUY and iTurm).

  • A user in iTurm associated with this role.

After that, the user can log into LUY using their password. The internal LUY user account will be created automatically with the first login.

Alternatively, the LUY user account can be created manually, e.g., with previously defined custom properties. In this case, the user's login name must exactly match the user’s name in iTurm.
Name changes in iTurm will be transferred to LUY by the next login of the changed user.

Managing user passwords

Changing the password of a user requires the username and current password.
The user can change their password on their own via the following.

URL https://<customer name>

Resetting the password for a user is managed in the tab “password management” with a user who has the luy_Supervisor role.

For security reasons, we strongly recommend changing the default password after installation.

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